Mailing Systems

Preconfigured mailing systems for dedicated card issuance programs

Central Issuance

Matica’s MS 1000 card mailing system is an affordable entry-level solution that can automatically read, match, insert and seal every type of card. Simple configuration and operation of this stand-alone model makes for a quick and seamless integration into the existing procedures. This cost-effective machine is, thus, particularly well-suited for service bureaus and financial institutions handling and dispatching mid-volume card quantities every day. Whether your organization is issuing financial cards or insurance IDs, transit passes or loyalty cards – the MS 1000 can be configured for a range of applications. Each module in this card mailing system is dedicated to a single step in the mailing process, including reading, card on carrier application, folding, and envelope insertion.
The MS 1000 mailing system incorporates a dedicated PC with MaticardPro® already installed. This proprietary Window-based software (compatible with Windows 8 or 10) facilitates easy installation and configuration. Coupled with diagnostic software, the complimentary PCI-DSS compliant package further simplifies control, maintenance and operation with minimal intervention from your staff. Choose from one of the ancillary modules to suit the needs of your organization. These include an envelope sized document feeder, a card data reading station or a pre-folded document feeder.
There is no room for error in the financial, healthcare or governmental card issuance programs. Built for small volume pre-personalized delivery, Matica’s MS 1000 is a reliable mailing system for secure all-in-one reading, attachment, printing, folding and insertion. A preconfigured PC with the MaticardPro® software streamlines installation, operation and diagnosis. Created with performance and efficiency in mind, this cost-effective and durable model was also made to last and produce thousands of ready-to-mail units every day.


  • National ID
  • Health Care Cards
  • Driver License
  • Gift Cards
  • Insurance Cards
  • Transit Passes
  • Discount Passes
  • Vehicle Registration Cards


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