Matica Secure Protected Image

Customer usage patterns can have a significant impact on card life; smart cards are exposed regularly to many potentially destructive elements that can ruin or damage them. Identity Cards tend to be used far less frequently than either banking or other cards and are generally better protected by the user, therefore their life expectancy is way longer than any other smart card. As a matter of fact, card replacement costs can represent one of the largest cost elements of a National ID project, careful evaluation of smart card durability factors can have significant financial benefits. Moreover, the risk of fraudsters attempting to forge a fake document is becoming one of the main challenges of Governments and Institutions. Matica Fintec offers a full range of card security features that can provide effective protection against these threats. MSPI™ (Matica Secure Protected Image) is a brand-new ID laser personalization technology that adds an extra security feature by combining color picture personalization (dye sublimation) with laser engraving on polycarbonate cards. This technology has been created to meet the increasing demands of Government with regard to security, quality, cost efficiency and durability. MSPI enhances security significantly while the costs of personalization and maintenance is substantially reduced. Matica Fintec - Protecting Identities is our mission


  • Deep level of security
  • Premium durability – more than 10 years lifetime (ISO 24789)
  • Best protection against counterfeiting, reduced risk of fraud
  • Best personalization results, high resolution color picture
  • Lowest cost per card in the market
  • Indipendent from document manufacturers and third parties