Matica exclusively reveals new products and research at TRUSTECH 2016

  • Preview new technologies for 2017 in financial and secure ID card issuance.
  • Introduction of the new generation of desktop embossers S3300e and S3800.
  • Delegates receive a free copy of Matica’s exclusive European smartcard research.
    MUNICH, Germany, 28 November, 2016 – Matica Technologies AG, announced today that it will demonstrate its comprehensive product portfolio of financial and secure ID card issuance at Trustech incorporating Cartes, booth Riviera C 056, the largest global event for trust-based technologies. The demonstrations will introduce innovations for financial card issuance, corporate card personalization and secure ID card issuance for government.

Highlights include new technology launches and product previews for 2017. In the government applications sector: Matica’s newly launched XID9600e – a new retransfer printer line with the highest production throughput in the market, and the LES8000 – a standalone desktop laser.

Matica’s range of financial card issuance products is enhanced by an exclusive preview of the new S3800, a groundbreaking XID retransfer printer combined with an embosser and the S3300e, a standalone embosser with a feeder and encoding module (FEM). All new products benefit from the flexibility and scalability provided by the newly developed Matica Desktop Module (MDM) architecture bringing unprecedented benefits to users and service bureaus.


“We concentrate on providing our customers with a comprehensive and intelligently engineered portfolio for a broad spectrum of industries and card applications”, said Sandro Camilleri, President, Matica Fintec.

“We look forward to this new show where we can showcase our growing portfolio.“But best-in-class technology can’t exist without good people. Trustech provides the perfect opportunity for delegates to experience Matica’s products and meet our international team – two things for which Matica is consistently held in positive regard across the world.”

“We will also launch our European research about citizens’ preferred use of smartcards in the public sector, which reveals insightful market intelligence,” added Sandro. “For example, 78% want to use a smartcard to validate their ID and six in 10 citizens believe city smartcards are “essential” to better access public services. We welcome delegates to our stand to discuss our findings and to receive their free copy.”
Matica will present the following products at Trustech:

Demonstrating Matica’s latest advances in FII with one of the largest portfolios in the market, these products support debit and credit card personalization.

  • NEW FOR 2017: S3800 and S3300e – two new desktop embossers join the S3000 FII family. Leveraging the well-known and proven Matica embossing technology, the best retransfer printing engine in the market, alongside the new Matica Desktop Modular (MDM) architecture, the S3800 is a groundbreaking desktop retransfer printer and embosser. The S3300e is an industrial desktop embosser and constitutes optional feeder and encoder modules.
  • NEW GENERATION S3200 – a financial retransfer desktop printer issuing credit and debit cards is now available with 600dpi as well as IP connectivity for cloud application. A dedicated financial card personalization system with crucial modules for EMV-compliancy.
  • Launched earlier this year, the S3100 is a desktop direct-to-card printer to issue pre-printed flat-personalized debit cards and pre-paid cards over the counter. As part of Matica’s investment in technology strategy, the product line has undergone significant product improvements.
  • S3500, a versatile instant issuance system, complying with Visa® and Mastercard® requirements to print, emboss, indent and meeting PCI-DSS data security standards. Available in two different set-ups to accommodate customer needs.
    Already prolific in the field, Matica’s proven portfolio for government ID contains technologically advanced, high-end products dedicated to high-security documents issuance. Used for: national ID programs, drivers’ licenses, high security ID cards for army, police applications and ID cards for ports and airport personnel. The demonstration area combines several personalization technologies, including the most recent laser and retransfer solutions launched in 2016.
  • NEW XID9x00e Series – a modular, heavy-duty retransfer card issuance solution based on the proven XID retransfer printer (300dpi and 600dpi) but further combining newly developed card feeder and encoder modules for parallel task processing.
  • NEW LES8000 – a standalone, heavy-duty laser engraving system, which brings an industrial-style power to the desktop. Used to issue national ID cards, drivers’ licenses, visas, vehicle registration cards. The low power DPSS laser technology has been developed exclusively for high security government applications.
  • LCP8000 – a high performance color and laser personalization system. Used to issue highly-secure ID cards such as national IDs but also vehicle registration, healthcare cards and university IDs. Well-positioned for service bureaus and card production centers with small to mid-production runs and a turnaround of multiple cards.
    The portfolio provides a wide range of direct-to-card and retransfer printing technologies.
  • NEW GENERATION: the popular Espresso II, a proprietary direct-to-card printer often used for membership, loyalty, transit, education and corporate ID applications. Latest developments include new magnetic closure on front cover; new toggle for ON/OFF switch which now also illuminates on use.
  • XID8100 entry-level retransfer card printer and XID8300 retransfer printer with over-theedge printing for durable and long lasting ID cards.
  • XL8300 oversized card printer, an innovative retransfer printer for oversized XL cards in the market. Perfectly positioned for the event and conference management industries.
    In addition to the successful launch of products in 2016, Matica also announced its acquisition of Problem Solved, Inc. to broaden their secure issuance proposition in the North American market.

Internationally, Matica continued to build on established successes making significant in-roads in new territories but notably in the Middle East. The company continued to secure major contracts with the assistance of its growing network of loyal partners. The ever-growing respect for Matica complements its comprehensive – and continually developing – product portfolio, which is why Matica is a worldwide leader in corporate ID, government ID and financial card personalization.

Availability of referenced products
S3200, S3500,  are available now through Matica´s partner network. Matica S3300e and S3800 will be available in 2017.

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